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There is a lot of ways to help, the important thing is to do it with the heart.
Galilea 2000 is in the process of a future expansion of the facilities to be able to give asylum to people who come from communities outside the metropolitan area to the old hospital, so they can have a decent place to spend the night.
Urban garden
Galilea has created a garden in which various spices that are used in the food that Galilee gives to the beneficiaries are cultivated.
Healthy life
Support with food and people coming to the old hospital or some shelter so they can have a food which gives you the energy to continue with your day.

Día del niño 2019

Durante el día del niño se decidió tener varias actividades recreativas, entre ellas, preparación de Cupcakes, pintarse la cara y figuras de porcelana así como muchas piñatas, todo esto para dar un día de paz y diversión a los pequeños que son parte de los beneficiarios de Galilea 2000 A.C.


This play is presented in order to obtain capital to support beneficiaries with cancer in Galilee 2000 BC.

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Since 1998 we serve to our beneficiaries by providing support to children, adults and elders.

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We look for new benefactors to support the emerging needs of sick children.

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